Forever Hugs Blankets

My Prices 

Throw Blanket (48"x64"): $200*

Throw Blanket with an embroidered piece: $220*

Twin Blanket (64"x96"): $300*

Twin Blanket with an embroidered piece: $320*

Queen Blanket (90"x100"): $400*

Queen Blanket with an embroidered piece: $420*

16"x16" Pillows: $50*

24"x24" Quilt Block Wall Hanging: $60*

 *Specific fabric choices may result in an extra cost*

Larger Blankets can be made upon request, size determines price.


Long Distance Transactions:

Once we have discussed what you would like, half payment of each blanket ($100 throw, $150 twin, $200 queen), pillow ($25), quilt block ($30) is due with the clothing you ship to me. When I have completed your items I will email or text you a picture of your finished items & the final amount due (which is the other half payment & return shipping). When that payment is received and cleared I will ship your items to you. 

**You will need to let me know what to do with the cut and uncut clothing: I can return or dispose of any cut clothing & return or donate any uncut clothing.**