Forever Hugs Blankets

Hi I'm Jennifer


How did Forever Hugs Blankets come about?

It all started in 2007 when my sister's husband passed away leaving her and their 2 young daughters, ages 2 and 4, behind.  I wondered what I could do to help my nieces through this horrible event, what could I do to help them remember their Daddy seeing how they were very young. The idea of making a blanket from his clothes was something I was sure would help them and it did.  The blankets had more of an impact on everyone then I had imagined.  When I gave my nieces their blankets, I told them that if they ever needed a hug from their Daddy all they had to do was wrap their blanket around them and squeeze real tight, hence the name Forever Hugs.  There is not a night that goes by that those girls don't sleep with their Dada Blanket.  His Mother also enjoys the blanket that I made for her.  She has it hung on a wall in their home where she can see it everyday and forever remember her son. 

After making a blanket for a very close family friend from her Mother's clothes, I decided that the joy I was bringing to these people needed to be spread to others.  So Forever Hugs Blankets was born.