Forever Hugs Blankets

Forever Hugs Blankets

Forever Hugs Blankets are made from Loved ones clothing.


Loved ones who have gone to a better place, loved ones who have out grown their cute little baby clothes or loved ones who are away defending our country. How about a blanket made out of your child's collection of shirts from school, sports, church camp, etc.  


Also know if you do not have enough clothing to make an entire blanket, they can be made into a smaller sized quilt block to hang on the wall or even a pillow.




It is a great way to hold on to the memory of the ones we love.


  • "Words could never express the feeling you get when you receive a blanket back from Jennifer. Having my beautiful son Dominick's clothes to wrap around me has given me so much c..."
    Linda Caccippio
    Forever In Our Hearts
  • "I have a blanket made by Jennifer! She is my daughter-in-law's sister. My son passed away and Jennifer wanted to make his little girls something special with his clothes. She ..."
    Ann Matlock
    Happy Mom